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feliz cumple Novio

y hoy en USA es thanksgiving!
seria bueno tener un dia para sentarnos y agradecer por todas las cosas buenas y lindas que nos tocan en la vida.
les dejo un texto que publicó Emily de Cupcakes and Cashemere que me gusto mucho.
” Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday that’s celebrated everywhere, but the premise is simple; be thankful for what you have. I have so much to be grateful for this year … As is tradition at the table, we all say one thing that we’re thankful for, and since last year’s answer of “mashed potatoes” didn’t go over well (I was famished!), I’ve been reminding myself of all the things that matter most. At the top of my list? Waking up each morning next to someone who makes me feel happy, loved and appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving.”

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  1. Un poco atrasada mi respuesta, pero en fin! La agenda de cupcakes la compré en una librería re común jaja! La marca es Isofit, por si te sirve la info!


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